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The Convenience Of Private Airport Transportation

Many corporate executives, professionals, and celebrities often make the mistake of reserving a taxi when they need to get to the airport or their hotel. Sure, you don’t always need limo or luxury sedan, but there are several important advantages no VIP should forget. One bad taxi ride – rude drivers, overcharges, or insisting on selfies with you, can change your feelings about your entire trip – which is why you try always to reserve private, secure, and professional airport transportation options. Most private airport car services are priced similar to Cleveland airport taxi services so, if you are hesitant based on price you need not to worry.


Can they keep a secret?

Check out your intended limousine or private sedan service online before contacting them. Do they have a reputation for maintaining the privacy of their guests? Do their drivers feed the behavior of their guests to the media? If you are a high profile businessman or celebrity, you already know the importance of maintaining your brand in the media. Don’t let a bad-apple driver cause a PR nightmare.

What about security

Even if you already have a security team in place when you travel, your car service should provide an additional layer of security. After all, it’s their city, and they should know the safest, most-private way to get around. Does the driver have military, law enforcement, or security background? If so, make sure the driver is kept in the loop with your security lead.


What about a medical emergency?

Sure, maybe your drive is discrete and trained in security, but make sure he or she also has first aid training. Even people in the prime of their lives can have something unexpected happen, and the first responder will often make the difference between life and death. The driver should know how to get help to the scene quickly, the best routes to the hospital from any particular location, and be able to plan on the fly the best way to handle a medical emergency.


Your driver should be connected

Your driver should be a local expert on fun an interesting places and events in the city you are visiting. What are the hottest clubs? The most exclusive restaurants? The best beaches? Where do the rich and famous hang out? But beyond simply knowing what to do and where to go, your driver should have the connections for facilitating your entrance. If you are a celebrity, this may not be necessary. But your driver should be able to get you into the right places no matter what your name is.


VIP service for everyone

All of these services should be available with your chosen private car provider, and you don’t have to be a VIP to take advantage of them. While you might not have to take advantage of all of them on every trip, you can travel more confidently  knowing your drive is trained and prepared.


Traveling in the lap of luxury today is easier than ever. No matter your destination, there is likely a high-quality private ride service provider ready to make your trip discreet, secure, and even fun.


Please contact Freedom 2 Go at 216-777-1720 to receive a quote or book your private transportation services.

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