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Airport Transportation Options

Airport Shuttle Services

When you fly into your destination, you have many different options available for transportation once you get there. You can rent a car, hire a taxi, or take an airport shuttle from one place to another with your luggage. Each option has its perks as well as costs for the services, however airport shuttles are the most popular option as they generally cost less than the latter. Contact fdm2go for all of your airport transportation needs.

Types of Airport Shuttle Services

Airports offer shuttle services to make the lives of their travelers simpler and provide ease of transporting their luggage for either free or for a small fee. The services that are offered are called “On Airport Transfer” and “Off Airport Transfer”. Each service specializes in where you need to go whether it is in the airport or outside of it making your travels simpler and non-stressful with your luggage.

On Airport Transfer

On airport transfer services that are available can be airside transfer, terminal transfer, or car park transfer. Airside transfer is offered at airports that don’t use a jet bridge, for long distances, or for safety reasons. A bus is used to take passengers from the airport arrival or departure gate all the way to the aircraft. Terminal transfer is used to get people from one terminal to another for zero-fare to ensure that passengers can board the aircraft on time. This is useful when terminals are spread out too far for the passengers to walk with their luggage. Car park transfers are used when the car park is either very large or located very far away from the airport terminals. A bus is generally used to transport people to and from the car park for free, these bus services are generally owned by the airport or by a contractor to safely shuttle people to their vehicles.

Off Airport Transfer

Off airport transfers are generally offered by a third party company that offers it’s services to airline passengers. They may operate a bus that has pick up and drop off points near by the terminals with extra luggage space. These services can take you to car parks that are off airport grounds as well as car rental companies. These services are handy if you had to park your car in an airport parking lot that is off grounds or need to pick up a rental car from a company that doesn’t offer pick up services with the airport.

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