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Finding The Right Airport Shuttle Service


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If you’re looking for the best way to get to the airport in your city, consider a cleveland airport shuttle service over a taxi and services like Uber and Lyft.

First, most airport shuttle services are the quickest and least expensive way to get to the airport. The drivers are used to driving the city and airport, and know where the traffic is and how to get around it. They also get the preferred spaces right in front of the airport entrance, making it easy to find a porter for your bags.

Many hotels will offer an airport shuttle ride as a free service to their guests. But even if your ride isn’t provided by your hotel, shuttles have a very low price point in most cities. In major cities and at larger hotels, often shuttles arrive on a fixed 30-minute schedule. This may or may not be convenient – if you’re not into waiting or have to catch your flight quickly; a taxi may be your best bet. While taxis can be quite costly, they are more convenient and offer experienced drivers like the airport shuttle.

Common Questions About Airport Shuttles

I’m worried about the pick-up times – how do I know the airport shuttle will be on time?

Most airport shuttle services now use advanced software that tracks flights coming into their airport in real-time. So whether your flight is early, late or on-time, they can pick you up at just the point you get your luggage and walkout to the shuttle area. Many will now send you a text as soon as they arrive at the pickup point.

I don’t like the shuttles – too many people, too few seats.

Modern shuttle services now offer more than just the standard mini-bus. Many services offer sedans and limousines with corporate and group discounts.

What if I have to cancel?

Most shuttle services will allow you to cancel free of charge if you contact them the day before, but will often charge full fare if you forget to call and cancel. A lot of companies now allow you to cancel via their website.

Can I use a credit card?

In the US, most shuttle companies now can process credit cards right within the shuttle. You can also prepay via their website or mobile app.

Will I get help with my luggage?

In general, yes – your driver will get out of the shuttle and load your luggage for you. He or she will also help you unload. If you are parked in a garage, many shuttle services will also provide a porter to assist getting your luggage from the shuttle to your car.

Should I tip the driver?

Yes – in most areas, drivers depend on tips as part of their wages.

In general, airport shuttles offer travelers the most-economical way of getting to and from their hotels. However, every city is different, and it’s best be open to all the options based on your budget, length of stay, and proximity to the airport.

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