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Options For Airport Traveling

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Other Airport Shuttle Services

Airport shuttles offer other services as well, not just on airport and off airport transfers. These services can either cost a small fee to use or may be offered for free, depending on the airport. These services are called “Public Bus Services” and “Non-Airport Bus Services”. You can always call the airport or check on their website to see if these services are offered and how much they may cost. Freedom 2 GO offers private airport transportation services as well as, group ride airport transfers.

Public Bus Services

These forms of airport shuttles are generally offered by public transport services as airport focused services such as Intermodal Shuttle Buses, Premium Air link Services, Demand Responsive Shuttle Buses, Express Services, Terminal Transfer, and RailAir. These services may be offered for free or for a small price and can be extremely beneficial to make your travels smoother and non-stressful.

Service Explanations

Intermodal Shuttle Buses are airport shuttles take passengers between railway stations and airports, and may be free since most are paid for by either the airport or by the railway station. Others may cost a small fee to use depending on the railway station or airport. Premium airlink services are operated by bus companies and often cost a fee for use since they operate on standard routes nearby the airport. Demand responsive shuttle buses which can be described as a hybrid of premium airlink and private hire taxicabs. These shuttles only pick up passengers that have booked this services ahead of time and charge a fee for use. Express services are offered by long distance express bus and coach operators that have made airport hubs part of their route. Terminal transfers are offered when there is a great distance between terminals and are a point to point shuttle, these services are generally paid for by the airport. RailAir is a service that is designed to connect the railway station and airport when there isn’t a direct train link. This service is generally pay to use.

Non-Airport Bus Services

Airport shuttle services that are not considered airport bus services are standard bus services and private hire. These services are offered by third party companies and do cost a fee to use. The standard bus services run a scheduled route outside of normal business hours to shuttle passengers from the airport to hotels or other stops. Private hire services are generally offered through taxicab companies and minibuses to get passengers safely to their destinations away from the airport.

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