Special Needs Transportation 101

disabled transportsOhio Department of Public Safety has set the minimum standards regarding disabled transportation Cleveland companies and schools offer. These rules are meant to make it easy and safe for disabled pupils to go to school. For this reason, special buses or disability vehicles are needed. The state’s code dictates how these buses are to be fabricated or modified to accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs. The rules cover, wheelchair securement, emergency door configuration, width of aisles, securement of mobility devices and occupant, floor plan layout and flexibility of seating space, special service entrance, entrance doors, lighting in the bus, and power lift design among other things. Below are some highlights.

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The Bus

School transportation companies in Cleveland Ohio must have buses that are equipped to accommodate passengers with disability. Each bush shall have a power lift on the right side of the body. Disability buses must also have electronic communication equipment for constant contact with a dispatch point or school. The aisle leading from the wheelchair area to the emergency door must be at least 30 inches wide to allow for unrestricted passage of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Wheelchair Securement

Wheelchairs must be secured firmly to the vehicle to prevent any motion during transit. For this reason, each wheelchair area shall have the recommended type of securement or clamp. The system should be easy to operate, and the bus company must provide usage instructions as well as diagrams for illustration. A durable webbing cutter must be available in the vehicle at all times. Ideally, it should be placed in the driver’s compartment.

 Special Service Entrance Doors

All doors shall be designed in such a way that a green flashing light will be actuated every time the ignition is turned ON but the doors are not securely closed. Every door shall open outwardly. Single or double doors may be used.These rules, and many others, are meant to make it easier and safer for disabled student to get quality education in the state.