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What Questions Should You Ask A Disabled Seniors Transportation Company

What Questions Should You Ask A Disabled Seniors Transportation Company?

freedom 2 go logoTransportation is as basic a human need in today’s far flung society as is shelter and food.  Seniors who reach the age where it is no longer safe for them to drive, or who become disabled and can no longer drive, become isolated at home without a means of transportation. When they become housebound, their quality of life suffers. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public transportation be accessible to disabled passengers, whether or not they are senior citizens, so public transportation may be one option to help disabled seniors get around. Private transportation companies offer many more.

If you are a disabled senior or a family member considering the services of a private transportation company for one, be sure to ask the right questions and get the answers you need to assure you that the company is trustworthy and safe. Disabled senior transportation in Cleveland Ohio is offered by a variety of companies. It is important to know key specific questions to ask any transportation company you are considering for assisting in a disabled senior’s travel needs.  Meeting with company representatives, ask them what services they offer their elderly clients. Are they able to accommodate a senior with a disability? Do their vehicles have wheelchair access and if so, is it ADA compliant? Do their lift vans meet ADA’s strict requirements?  Have their drivers received the proper loading training with the lifts? Do you accept Medicaid for any medically necessary rides? Who pays for senior transportation?  Do you require an appointment?

A transportation company with wheelchair accessible rides, adherence to all required regulations, good driver screening and training, professionally serviced vehicles, flexibility in scheduling and reliable service will be the end result of your search and interviews. There are many senior, private and school transportation companies in Cleveland Ohio from which to choose Freedom 2 Go has proven to be a reliable provider of transportation for senior in the Cleveland area. Give us a call today to schedule a ride 216-386-2890216-386-2890.

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