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Regular Shuttles and Taxis Can’t Compare With Airport Car Services

The world is changing quickly. Sometimes new products and services come on the market so fast you don’t even know they exist. If you’ve traveled to and from the airport for years, you might always drive to the terminal in your own car, get dropped off by a family member, or take a taxi. All of those are inconvenient, and can be really expensive. There’s a much better option that you might not know about. Look into airport car service at and you’ll never take an airport taxi again.


Back when movies were in black and white, people in a city would flag down a cab whenever they needed one, and be taken in a new, clean car to wherever they wanted to go by a pleasant driver in a uniform, and all for a few dollars. Since then, the price of cabs has climbed and climbed, the cabs have become run down and unreliable, the cab drivers are impolite, and many barely know their way around Cleveland. It costs a small fortune to take an airport taxi ride, and it’s a miserable experience the whole way.


If you check out, you’ll be surprised to see how reasonably priced a hired car can be instead of a taxi ride. In some cases, it can be even cheaper, and the difference between the service and the vehicle is night and day. The cars that send are late model luxury sedans, low-key, but well appointed and comfortable. The drivers are well dressed, have impeccable manners, and really know their way around the city.


The drivers for won’t take you on a wild ride around Cleveland while they take so-called short cuts – short cuts that take twice as long and cost twice as much as you bargained for. They get paid to pick you up and drop you off, and their focus is on speed and comfort. The sooner they get you home, the sooner they’re on to their next job. Taxi drivers don’t like to look for new fares until they’ve gotten all they can out of the last fare, and with a meter running any delay is your problem, not his.


Airport shuttles and taxis are usually the first and the last parts of any trip that involves the airport. Instead of making them the most uncomfortable and expensive parts of your trip, why not hire a car service like Freedom 2 Go and make them the most pleasant?

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