Flying into and out of Cleveland isn’t better or worse than any other airport. Cleveland has traffic and bad weather like anywhere else. All airports are about the same once you’re inside. There are few ways to make any part of your trip that involves the terminal, the security check-in, or the flight any better. There are many rules to be followed, and all you can do is grin and bear it.


You don’t always get to choose which airport you’re flying to and from if you live in the Cleveland area. Cleveland’s a busy hub, and it has overflow traffic like a typical transportation node. Many times, no matter how convenient the Hopkins airport might be, you have to fly into or out of Canton Airport in Akron, and find a way to get back to Hopkins in Cleveland. That can be worse than the flight itself. That’s why you should use shuttles, cars, and limos. has plenty of choices, so no matter whether you want to travel simply in a shuttle van between airports, or want to be taken home in a stylish car with a dedicated driver, they have what you need. Nothing’s worse than being stuck at the wrong airport, especially if you’ve been detoured because of bad weather. Public transportation is a nightmare, and a taxi ride is likely to cost more than plane fare. Taxi drivers aren’t known for their hygiene and manners, either. Why turn the last leg of a journey into the worst part, when you can just call and get preferred service?


If you simply want a shuttle between airports, but don’t like waiting around, try shuttle van service. It’s twice as civilized as shuttle buses that are just glorified public transportation. If you want true comfort, hire a car from them and be picked up and dropped off in beautiful car with an attentive driver.


If you plan ahead, you won’t get stuck at the airport trying to find someone to come and get you, or fighting in line at a cabstand. Calling is sometimes cheaper than a taxi ride, and what a difference in the treatment you’ll receive! You can even relax in the back seat and catch forty winks while the driver takes care of the traffic. Instead of dumping you off halfway home, the driver will pull right up to your house or apartment door. It’s the only way to travel.