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The reason why i prefer private travel to the airport

I was making my way through Los Angeles International with my wife when we encounter a strange and slightly aggressive man. He’s keeping up with us as we walk, and trying to engage in our private conversation. I am feeling a little threatened; there is something disconcerting about him. Maybe he’s harmless, but what if not?

Now raise the stakes. Imagine I’m the CEO of a multinational company and just had to lay off thousands of employees. What if this man was one of them? He’s angry and doesn’t understand why he lost his job. Somehow he got hold of my travel plans and is about to get his idea of revenge. Maybe he just wants to tell me off, but what if it’s something far worse?

Situations like this are why celebrities, political figures, and high-profile business executives hire security specialists and private cars for their airport transportation.

In the scenario above, the man who drove you to the airport would also shadow you until you boarded your airplane. Imagine a highly trained specialist hovering just a few feet from you, ready to step in at the first sign of trouble.

If you are planning a business trip or vacation and are concerned with privacy and security, consider hiring a private car for your airport transportation. While more expensive that an airport shuttle or taxi, a private car is ideal for celebrities and business executives whose lives are filled with paparazzi and security threats like stalkers.

There are many security firms in major cities that can provide a safe, discreet trip to and from their local airport. Most of these firms can customize their services to fit your unique needs. Included in most plans are:

VIP Protection

  • Experience and certification in protecting high profile business executives, celebrities, and political figures.
  • Capable and trained bodyguards who have military, police, and security backgrounds.
  • Fully armored vehicles
  • Armed chauffeurs and additional agents available
  • Professional, confident, and reliable personnel
  • Training in crisis management
  • Skills with major security systems
  • Training in disaster recovery
  • Keeps current on political and criminal activity in their local environment
  • Comprehensive background checks on all employees


Travel Security

If you are a high-profile individual and are traveling to an unfamiliar environment, having people trained and experienced on the ground when you land is invaluable. The challenges your team can take care of for you include:

  • Dealing with local police and political leaders
  • Able to interface with local emergency services and providers
  • Have a network of communication protocols and procedures for any emergency


Your local security provider should go beyond simply providing you with a private car and driver for your airport trip. Instead, they should take a holistic approach to your security and well-being, covering all aspects of your planned travels. Many of these services become you security provider and will take certain measures, including:

  • Preparing a custom intelligence package for your trip
  • Install a global locater app on your cell phone and other devices
  • Monitor your position 24/7 in a local command center


Whatever your security and privacy needs, finding the right security service is critical for the success of your trip or vacation. Using these services is easy as filling out a simple form here.


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