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The Rise Of Private Transportation

The Rise Of Private Transportation

The past decade has shown a sizable shift in travel behaviors. Recent data shows a steady decline in public transportation. In addition to the growth of private transportation, commuters are looking for a better travel experience. What’s more, recent studies show that public transportation accounted for only 2 to 3 percent of all U.S. transportation. Looking at the big picture, this shows a a growing demand for private transportation coupled with growing dissatisfaction with public transportation


In the U.S., the transportation system is facing a variety of problems. On top of antiquated transit systems, many public transportation systems face a constant financial struggle. Throughout the decade many public transportation systems have seen critical obstacles like labor disputes and strikes cause major service disruptions. By and large this creates many problems for commuters who rely on public transportation each day. Because of this, many commuters simply found other transportation options.

Out With The Old

One of the biggest problems with public transportation is the infrastructure by which many of these systems were created. Simply put, a transportation system built a century ago is simply not efficient enough to meet the needs of commuters today. Population growth and the sophistication of today require more effective transportation means. Often, public transportation is wrought with over crowding, long travel times and an overall terrible experience for commuters. With the growing number of private transportation options available, its not surprising many people are choosing to stay away from public transportation.


Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages with public transportation is its lack of convenience. Majority of public transportation services do not operate 24 hours a day leaving those who work non-traditional hours (or simply want to enjoy happy hour) without many public transportation options. Additionally, many public transportation systems have limited availability for suburban commuters. The hassle of driving to a park and ride or the long hike to the bus stop are things most commuters would rather avoid.

The End or The Beginning?

Some argue that public transportation needs more support from the public in order to continue to operate. This argument contends that public transportation continues to provide a cost-effective means of transportation for many commuters. Conversely, the social shift towards private transportation has provided many viable alternative for daily travel. This result comes not from a movement against public transportation, but a movement towards more efficient transportation options for commuters.

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