Do you need a ride? With Freedom 2 Go, you can have that ride that you need and so much more. If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, then you have access to the safest, fastest and most reliable executive car service Cleveland has to offer.

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Freedom 2 Go will take you wherever you need to go any time of the day or night. The stellar customer service and accommodations that the company provides are what makes it stand far above other types of transportation. The next time you think about calling a taxi or getting on the bus,  you can give Freedom 2 Go a call and experience passenger royalty.

Flexible Services

Freedom 2 Go provides a wide variety of car services in Cleveland Ohio. The company specializes in providing transportation to students, seniors and businesses. However, the drivers will not deny service to anyone. Therefore, you can catch a ride to the airport, shopping mall, movie theater and any other place you so desire.

Freedom 2 Go offers custom options, so you have the power to plan your own trip. Accommodations include wheelchair support, guard dog help, assistance for the blind and deaf, and more. The company is fully equipped to service all of its customers.

Easy Payment Options

One of the best parts of dealing with Freedom 2 Go is the variety of payment options it provides. Not only does the company accept all major credit card payments, but also Freedom 2 Go accepts several types of insurance, including Medicaid. In fact, dialysis trips through Medicaid will not cost you a dime.

Sit Back and Relax

You will never have to worry about your safety because Freedom 2 Go only hires skilled, certified drivers. Each driver that the company hires must complete extensive testing. Drivers have extra training in areas such as safety precautions, handicap assistance and more. You can feel confident that your driver will always look out for your well-being.

You have the freedom to go anywhere you please, and we have the resources to get you there. Call Freedom 2 Go at 216-386-2890 for your next amazing journey.