When it comes to car service, there are certain amenities that should be provided and standards to be expected. It’s important to research companies ahead of time before calling a car service company. For quality car service and what you, as the customer, should expect be sure to factor in these considerations.


1. Punctuality

You may call upon a car service for any reason. Whether you have a flight to catch, an appointment to get to, or just a joy ride, punctuality is key. In addition to getting you to your destination on time, be sure the car will arrive upon scheduled pickup time. Choose a company that prides itself on the saying, “to be on time is late.” It is always best to factor in leeway time if you have an important meeting or a flight to catch.

2. Cleanliness

As you are paying for car services, you should expect your transportation to be pristine. There should be no trash or food on the floor or seats of the vehicle. The vehicle interior and exterior should be clean and free of odor. Also, there should be no visible or internal mechanical issues (such as noises).

3. Privacy

No matter the reason for calling upon a car service, it is pertinent that you retain your privacy. Employees should be courteous and not ask any private questions. Anything that happens in the vehicle should stay in the vehicle. A driver should not talk about his clientele in any fashion.

5. Smooth Ride

Car service drivers are adept at managing traffic and poor road conditions. This enables them to provide you with a nice, smooth ride. They should manage a reasonable speed that gets you to your destination safely and efficiently

6. Customer Service

In addition to providing you with a clean and smooth ride, your driver should be polite and cordial as well. They should offer to help you with your bags as you enter the vehicle and as you leave. Along with the driver any phone operator should be pleasant to speak with. There are a lot of companies offering similar services. A great company has to stay a notch above the rest.

Why choose our company

Our company maintains a fleet of high quality vehicles meant to exceed each client’s individual comfort and transportation expectation. Our fleet consists of professionally-serviced cars, SUV’s and passenger vans, including lift vans that meet strict ADA requirements. At Freedom 2 Go, safety is the cornerstone of each transportation experience. We perform extensive driver screenings and maintain thorough employee and vehicle records. Confidentiality for our elite clients is a must and our drivers understand and readily comply with this company requirement. With state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring technology and on-site preventative vehicle maintenance, we place the safety and comfort of each client above all else.
When it comes to choosing a company for your car service needs, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. You should be able to rely on efficient and pleasant service. Call Freedom 2 Go at 216-386-2890 to manage your car service needs today