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Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio

Rock n Roll identifies Cleveland, Ohio. This is a great destination with many high-quality attractions. If you are in Cleveland, you will never feel bored or disappointed. From the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Lake Erie, there is something for everyone in the family. With this being said, here are top few things to do in Cleveland, Ohio.

#1 – Museum

You should begin with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. This tourist destination is also identified as MOCA. MOCA houses some of the world’s finest contemporary art pieces. You will come across both international and local art exhibits. The museum’s building itself looks amazing. It has a modern look and was completed in 2012. The entire building is designed out of tinted glass. The Art Museum has a hexagon structure at ground level. And, its roof has a square unit. The entire building has a mirrored finish.

Next, you should visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This is one of the city’s best museums. The museum boasts of a fascinating collection of exhibits. Some of these exhibits are more than 3 million years old.

#2 – Square Center

Located in the heart of Cleveland is “Playhouse Square Center”. This is an impressive building with nine lively theatres. You will come across The Palace and The State theaters too. These theatres have a history from the early 1920s. The locals saved the theatres from major destruction. Together, they improved and restored the building. The restoration happened in the 1990s.

#3 – Zoo

If you are an animal fan, you must visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The zoo is located outside the main city. This is one of the country’s oldest zoos. You will come across a wide range of animals at the Metroparks Zoo. This includes the apes, fishing cats, Western Lowland Gorillas and more. The zoo is famous for its interesting collection of primates too. All year round, you will be able to spot primates.

#4 – Submarine

Lake Erie greats its visitors with the USS Cod Submarine Memorial. This submarine was a part of Second World War. This submarine has an eventful history. For example, it was a part of the 1945 rescue. In summer, you can board and tour around the submarine.

#5 – Gardens

In and around Cleveland, you will come across many woodland and Japanese gardens. The gardens are carefully themed. These gardens boast of incredible plant species. You will find a selected range of flowers. Additionally, you have the butterfly themed garden in Cleveland, Ohio. As suggested by its name, the garden is famous for attracting beautiful butterflies.

#6 – Market

Your visit to Cleveland will remain incomplete without the West Side Market. This market has been around since the 1910s. This is one of the world’s oldest and longest running markets. The market has undergone a series of restoration. A major restoration happened in 2002. The market attracted many souvenir shoppers, bargain hunters, and gourmets after the renovation. Since early 1912, the market has not lost its charm or value. You will meet hundreds of vendors at the West Side Market. Travel with CLE when visiting the city.

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