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Top Reasons to Visit Cleveland for Oktoberfest

As the autumn leaves start falling, you will hear the noise of keg taps in Cleveland, Ohio! This is when the annual Cleveland Oktoberfest begins. According to locals, this is one of the finest parties in Cleveland. Oktoberfest is considered as a time for friends and families. It happens after the end of summer. Oktoberfest in Cleveland has a very old history. It has very deep roots. The feast was introduced by the Bavarian immigrants in Cleveland in the 1900s. The festival was managed by Steve Bencic, a restaurateur for four decades. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Cleveland for its color, glitz, and beer! With this being said, here are few reasons to attend Cleveland’s Oktoberfest every year.

#1 Weiner Race

Does the sound of “Weiner” bring crazy images in your mind? Oktoberfest in Cleveland begins with Weiner Dog Races. Locals with healthy dachshunds enroll for the race. It happens on all Oktoberfest days. Dachshunds are not known for its speed or agility. This means the races are bound to be cute, hilarious and wild.

#2 Beer Stein Holding Contest

Most Oktoberfest event organizers in Cleveland host the “Beer Stein Holding Contest”. Well, who cannot hold a beer? Here, we are not focusing on tolerance. Instead, we are focusing on the Paulaner’s Masskrug Contest. This is an interesting event where the competitors are asked to hold beer steins. They must stretch their arms forward, parallel to the floor and hold a filled beer stein. The participant who holds the beer stein for a very long time wins. Just like the Weiner dog races, the Beer Stein Holding Contest happens every day. You will have so many opportunities to compete and watch the game.

#3 Food

Can you decode pierogi, bratwurst, knackwurst, and goulash? These are not German words, but Cleveland! These dishes are available during Oktoberfest. During the feast, you must grab a sausage from Frank’s Bratwurst, try the hot pancakes (potato) from Seven Roses, get a piece of chicken paprikash from Balaton and knackwurst from Der Braumeister. Oktoberfest is famous for its traditional food varieties. If you are in Cleveland during this special time of the year, you will have the chance to taste a wide range of traditional food fairs.

#4 Polka Music

Polka Music in Cleveland is very interesting and unique. Cleveland has its very own version of polka music. In fact, there is a museum dedicated to this art. It is impossible to celebrate Oktoberfest in Cleveland without polka music. You must visit the Traditional Music Tent for songs from Fred Ziwich. Ziwich is the father of legendary Polka sounds in Cleveland. Of course, there are other bands like Chardon Polka to blow everything from Justin Bieber to Frankie Yankovic to Lady Gaga. Round the corner, you will hear tunes from the late 80s Stone Pony cover too.

#5 Beer

The star of Oktoberfest in Cleveland would be “Beer”. There are many beer sponsors to take care of the town’s beer needs. Two important blends would be Wiesn and Marzen by Paulaner – a committed German brewer in Cleveland.

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