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Up for Shopping? You Should Visit The Arcade, Cleveland

The Arcade Cleveland is a must visit destination in Ohio! This was the first indoor shopping mall in the United States of America. The mall was also known as “Cleveland’s Crystal Palace”. It was designed by the famous architect George H. Smith. The building has a history from the late 1890s. Many believe that The Arcade was built with Smith didn’t want to shop outdoors. Smith designed to splendid buildings. One was the Hickox Building and the Cleveland Arcade. The Hickox Building is located towards the East of Cleveland. And, the Arcade is present in the west. The Hickox building was destroyed in the 1940s. Luckily, The Arcade survived the demolition. Today, it is a revered structure in Cleveland, Ohio.

How much is the Arcade Worth?

The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele (Milan, Italy) evaluated the building a few years ago. Studies reveal that the building was worth 867,000 USD in 1890. This was the time when fashion witnessed a new twist. The Arcade was strategically designed by Smith and John Eisenmann to cover two major streets. The Arcade beautifully covers the Superior and Euclid Avenues.

The Architecture

The ornate unit was designed by Smith. It featured a 300-foot long court. The court was light covered. It had 9-storeys of office buildings. The buildings were connected by a 5-storey iron and glass structure. The Arcade featured many balconies, with views of the center.

The Neighborhood

The Arcade is one of the most visited and photographed buildings in Cleveland, Ohio. It is second only to the city’s Terminal Tower. The destination is located near many important Cleveland attractions. This includes the Quicken Loans Arena, The House of Blues, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, The Horseshoe Casino, The Cleveland’s Medical Mart and the Progressive Field. This means you need a day to cover The Arcade Cleveland and its nearby fascinations.

The Renovation

With time, the look and feel of the Arcade Cleveland started to deteriorate. This raised many concerns on how the building would survive and become a landmark for the future. So many architects struggled to keep up with the building’s deteriorating state. Indeed, they came up with numerous practical solutions. These architects partnered with the Hyatt Development Corporation and Mayor Michael White to renovate the building. It was believed that a whopping 60 million USD was spent on renovation. The renovation began in May 2001. The renovation changed the look of the Arcade Cleveland. However, its original and unique look remained intact. Today, it looks much better! Hyatt Regency Cleveland occupies 3 levels in the two towers and the atrium.

What can you do in The Arcade Cleveland?

The Arcade Cleveland is a perfect destination for weekend shopping and whiling away time. The mall features a wide range of boutiques, fine dining options, and a massive food court. There are shops for services too. These outlets are spread across the lower two levels. These levels are open to public every day.

The Arcade Cleveland is improved periodically. These improvements will make sure your shopping experience at the Arcade is wonderful!

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