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Visiting Cleveland’s West Side Market

Anyone who spends a day or two in Cleveland, Ohio will develop an irrational love for the region. As they live longer along the shores of Cleveland’s Lake Erie, they will experience more émigré’s fervor in their devotion. The 30 Rock Cleveland episode, the 1995 Indians lineup, art museums, cultural institutions and LeBron James are few interesting aspects of Cleveland, Ohio. The “West Side Market” in Cleveland is an over-sold topic. Well, the market is extremely famous in Ohio. The West Side Market has been around for decades and it has lived up to the praise.

The Layout and Location

The West Side Market is located near the winding banks of Cuyahoga River. It has a beautiful neighborhood that speaks of Victorian culture and traditions. Most of the homes in the neighborhood are designed with Victorian elements and architectural styles. For example, the homes are neatly fenced with chain-links. The neighborhood around the market speaks of world-class history. The Yellow Brick Building is a key attraction in the market. The Yellow Brick building has the length of a football field. It is designed with 44-foot arched ceilings. With swinging doors (most of them are double doors) and ascetic exterior masks, the yellow building is a delight to explore. Next, you will spot a clock tower in the main commercial strip. The clock overlooks a squat of 4-storey buildings.

Inside the Yellow Building

Inside the West Side Market, you will spot 75+ food vendors. As a group, these vendors form a gustatory layout of the ever-changing Cleveland. You will see lines of goat heads, suckling pigs and cute little hens inside glass cases. The market is known for its towering bread loaf stacks. Also, there are plenty of crafted torte stalls too. As you walk through the narrow market streets, you will experience the smells of uncooked meat varieties. The sweet smell of yeast, must of cheese and mouthwatering texture of bakeries will keep your taste buds and mind occupied. At the West Side Market, it is very difficult to judge where a smell starts and ends.

Few meters away from the hallway, you will see lines of vendors with deals and discounts. These vendors grab the attention of potential buyers with juicy fruits and “discounts”. They cry out with their loudest voices. These hallway lines will remind you of how and where your grandparents were. The market will help you learn more about Cleveland’s bloodline! It is always lively and interesting.

Who Visits the Market?

The West Side Market has always been a destination for home cooks with many souls to handle and feed! Some of the finest local food items are found in this market. The hallway features everything from red meat to dark oranges to jerkies to smoked meats to sausages (and more). Over the years, many multi-generational marketers have placed their stamp on Cleveland’s West Side Market. There are many stalls with new generation sellers. Indeed, this is a great place for non-luxury and weekend- shoppers.

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