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Visiting the Best Museums in Cleveland

Destination #1 – Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is recognized as an institution of world-class standards. The museum is famous for many reasons. The list always begins with the “Eric T & Jane Baker Nord Conservation Suite”. This is an 18000 square foot space with 7 labs. These labs examine engravings from the early 15th century. In fact, you will come across silk paper from the early 12th century too! Though many museums in the country have special conservation departments, nothing is as interesting as Cleveland’s. Its dedicated department is East Asian Art is filled with rare chandeliers and vases. Most of these items have traveled around the world!

Destination #2 – Museum of Natural History

Next in line would be the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This museum is known for its four million specimens. Indeed, experts consider the museum as a treasure house. There are exhibits of very old fossils, dinosaur bones, and rare gemstones. There is a huge department in the museum with Ohio archeology, birds, insects and plants.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was founded in the 1920s. It has two floors of fascinating, interesting and diverse exhibits. Most of these exhibits are interactive. Most people visit the museum for its dinosaur skeletons. The museum’s exhibits and fossils talk about Native Americans, who once live in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you are traveling with kids, the Shafran Planetarium is a must visit. Every day the planetarium features a 35-minute show. These shows are of different topics. The topics change recurrently. Most of the shows are based on current astronomy topics. On some days, the Cleveland sky is carefully analyzed and studied. The shows are hosted by the museum’s astronomer. The shows are extremely interactive. Audiences are allowed to ask questions and request for changes.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is well-known for its Wade Oval Wednesdays. On these days, the museum offers special exhibits, loud music, live performances and children events. The Wade Oval Wednesdays happen during the months of summer: June, July, and August.

Amenities around the Museum

If you are in Cleveland, Ohio you should visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Museum of Art. These museums are located near the Western Reserve Historical Society and Cleveland Botanical Garden. There is plenty of parking near the buildings. The Museum of Natural History is designed with The Blue Planet. This is a café that serves a wide range of snacks and beverages. There is an exciting gift shop inside the museum too!

Staying near the Museum

In less than a mile, you will find the Intercontinental Hotel. This is an elegant option for visitors. If you are looking for smaller and cheaper rooms, you must visit the Glidden House. The historic mansion serves delicious breakfast options.

Food near the Museum

In addition to the Blue Planet, there are many small cafes around the museum This includes the Mi Pueblo (a courtyard café) and Euclid (a Mexican restaurant).

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